Cara DelVecchio is a landscape and adventure photographer living in South Lake Tahoe. Growing up in a forested area of a small town in Connecticut, Cara developed a love of the outdoors at an early age. While traveling around the world on a six month backpacking trip after college, she discovered a passion for photography. A wanderer at heart, she left Connecticut in 2013 with her trusty canine companion, Diego, in search of steeper and snowier pastures. The wild places are always calling, and answering their call has lead to countless road trips and adventures. Cara spends her time hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and snowboarding, always in search of a unique view of this beautiful world, a wild perspective.



Diego was found as a stray puppy wandering the streets of Yakima, WA in 2008. Diego and Cara met at an adoption event in Seattle, and it was love at first sight. The pair has been inseparable since, and Diego's enthusiasm for outdoor adventures constantly inspires Cara to get into the backcountry.  Being exceptionally athletic and intelligent and just a little bit quirky has made Diego a fantastic dog model and one of Cara's favorite subjects for photography. Diego can be found hiking, rolling in the snow, and testing the limits of dog flight off countless boulders on the shores of Lake Tahoe.  If you happen to meet him out on the trail someday, be sure to ask him what he does if he hears sirens, you won't be disappointed.